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Data Documentation, don't over look it

Many organizations have great technical resources to build a robust data infrastructure but often become hindered when collaborating its contents. Over time, data infrastructures change and the original design specifications are obsolete. Explait Data Dictionary is a centralized hosted solution organizations need to manage their metadata and business definitions.

Master Data Dictionary

Everyone's Data Dictionary

We want to help organizations become more efficient and proficient with their data. Using Explait Data Dictionary provides a clear view of data relationships and usage. Our master data dictionary is much more than just technical schema that only benefits a few. We have actually built the tool along with a methodology that drives adoption and sustainability of data governance. Explait Data Dictionary benefits every level of data user from the data architects to the report end user. Explait Data Dictionary provides a single source of reference which is easy to use and maintain.

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Master Data Management

Single version of truth

Explait Master Data Management (MDM) strives to improve the quality of data infrastructure and business processes. MDM is the business plan for Data Architects, Developers, and Business Process Experts. Without MDM organizations waste resources. Explait MDM goes beyond just providing another metadata tool and looks at capturing processes that support changes in data. The result is Explait Master Data Management providing end users the “truth” regarding data needed to make critical business decisions.

Data Governance